the ensemble

In August 2002, a group of friends who regularly attended classical music performances together organized a concert of chamber music before they moved on to university, and thence Ensemble ad Infinitum was born. Collectively called an ensemble, its members form various smaller chamber ensembles for performance. As ad infinitum implies, we have no preset format of performance and are continuously exploring new possibilities.

In a few years after its establishment, many of our founders graduated and started their career, while new members have joined. Most importantly, our members have remained actively engaged in musical activities in town - in orchestras, in chamber ensembles as well as in education and administrative roles, widening our experiences and perspectives on all fronts.

Registered as a non-profit-making organization since 2004, we aim to promote chamber music playing and develop the atmosphere of music appreciation in the community at an affordable cost.

二零零二年八月,數個經常相約一同欣賞音樂會的朋友,趁高考過後、入大學之前的悠長假期搞了一場室樂音樂會,無限樂團自此組成。雖名為樂團,在音樂會上,樂手可自由組成不同室樂組合演出。 我們沒有既定的演出形式,亦敢於作出新嘗試,即謂無限之意。